Smart copywriting
Pretty words aren't enough

Smart copy means more than just quality writing.

Sure, writing quality’s critical, because it conveys professionalism, credibility and authority. But in the end, it’s just pretty words if it doesn’t say the right thing.

Your copywriter must:

  • Understand your business and its needs, as well as your customers and their needs.
  • Help you identify the benefits of your offering.
  • Structure your message to convey those benefits – whether it’s a single page or a whole website.
  • Make your copy easy to read, even if it’s about something complex or technical.
  • Make you sound trustworthy and authoritative, but still friendly and approachable.
  • Make readers WANT to read on, by planting ‘seeds of curiosity’, using stories and developing moods.
  • Show readers you’re on their side.
  • Get your readers to imagine themselves experiencing the benefits of your offering – the emotions, physical sensations or financial rewards.
  • Get your readers actually doing little things as they read – like clicking their mouse, closing their eyes, looking out the window, nodding, and answering questions in their head. After investing time doing these little things, they’re far more likely to do the big things (like your call to action) when you ask.

Industry expertise

We’ve written about everything from nanotechnology to male sex toys. If you don’t learn fast and you can’t put yourself in other people’s shoes, you don’t last long as a copywriter. (Nor as a technical writer, for that matter.) Certainly not as long as we’ve been around.

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The best copywriter I have met. When it comes to making a bunch of complex points in a single short paragraph, and making it friendly and compelling, Glenn’s the best in the business.

John Winning Picture John Winning

CEO, Appliances Online

Silver Pistol was efficient and reliable to work with, to say the least. I felt extremely confident when outsourcing work to them for Toyota – one of our biggest and most important clients. They are extremely organized, dedicated and dependable when working to deadlines, and I have greatly appreciated their constant attention to detail. I would recommend them for any variety of projects, as they are creative and versatile, and they adapt very well to the needs of their clients. They have always walked the extra mile to meet particular needs, and I would be happy to use them again for future projects.

Hayley Browne Picture Hayley Browne

Toyota Account,
HotHouse Interactive Pty Ltd.

I've had the pleasure of working with Glenn and the Silver Pistol Team on and off on different businesses for over 10+ years. I go to Glenn when I am looking for a great copywriter, not just a good one. You get far more than persuasive, engaging content with the ability to write. You get a well organised and confident business partner that helps his clients meet their goals and asks the hard questions when needed. With their strong business acumen, they research deeply to become knowledgeable about the intended audience and the language they use daily. They can handle complex business models and comfortably work with companies that don't always have well-defined value propositions without breaking a sweat. Ultimately Silver Pistol has a unique ability to simplify words, get straight to the point and fuse together meaningful content that genuinely adds value. They do all this in a reliable, well organised and professional manner. I'd have no hesitation on recommending Glenn and Silver Pistol when you really need to kick some big goals and are looking for a top-shelf copywriting partner.

Nathan Stewart Picture Nathan Stewart

Owner, (marketing consultant for MicroSourcing)

Love it! We've been trying to get high quality content marketing for years, and you're the first team that's been able to deliver it. It hits all the important and subtle points, and it's all technically accurate. Very happy!

Angelo De Silva Picture Angelo De Silva

Regional Marketing Director APAC, j2 Global

I’ve worked with Glenn on a number of web content projects over a number of years. I haven’t regretted selecting Glenn as my web writer once. I’ve carried out extensive testing on Glenn’s copy and each time, real samples of the target audience find that Glenn’s copy flows, is engaging and speaks directly to them. I have also enjoyed reading Glenn’s articles that have been published in leading industry publications. I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Glenn.

Tim McQueen Picture Tim McQueen

Digital Manager, Macquarie University

Wow what you pulled together is fantastic, thankyou Glenn. You are a very talented man. Thankyou for what you have created for me. It makes sense, is accurate and reflects me and my way very well.

Dr. Jaime O'Sullivan Picture Dr. Jaime O'Sullivan

Founder, Fertility Science

Exactly what we wanted to say!

Adam Hodgkinson Picture Adam Hodgkinson

Business Manager, DAMsmart

Without Glenn, we would never have gotten this business off the ground.

John Shore Picture John Shore

Sales Director,

Silver Pistol have been our go-to guys for copy, web design and development, for 10 years. Their work alone has increased our conversion rate by 40%, and they’re great guys to work with too. We’d never want to go elsewhere.

Adam Szmerling Picture Adam Szmerling

Owner, Bayside Psychotherapy

Glenn, I really like it! You have hit the style on the head.

James Ward Picture James Ward

CEO, Freestyle Media (Virgin's agency)

LOVE it!!! Laughed out loud [partly in sympathy for Roger] but think this is a great approach. I would think this may hit the target square on.

Annelies Roe Picture Annelies Roe

Founder, Anna Roe & Co

Thank you for all of your patience and the great work you did for us. You were so easy to work with and accommodating of all our issues, and you did a great job of translating what we needed into an end product!

Allana Christie Picture Allana Christie

Director Operations, Community Services NSW

My client is very happy! :-)

Sandy Madden Picture Sandy Madden

Senior Producer, C4 (agency for Telstra)

Hello Mariella and Glenn Thank you for your work on the ‘Big 4’ bank study. You’ve done a great job. Both Candice and I appreciate the effort you’ve put into it. Mariella, thank you for your openness and attentiveness throughout the whole process. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you again.

Gillian Fox Picture Gillian Fox

Managing Director, Gillian Fox Group

I just wanted to send you a quick thankyou for all the outstanding work that you have done in producing the user documentation for the release of our software. My employees and customers have both commented to me personally that they have found the documentation to be extremely helpful in both guiding them in using the product and grasping the difficult underlying concepts.

Dr. Tim O'Neill Picture Dr. Tim O'Neill


I have to tell you that you have been the most professional person I’ve dealt with in all my experience in setting up my business. It has been a joy working with you. You were efficient, prompt, professional, helpful, encouraging, charming and good value, which made me want to deal with you and I looked forward to your emails. I shall aspire to follow your example in my own business.

Debbie Smith Picture Debbie Smith

Director, Inside Solutions

This has to be the best piece of copywriting I’ve ever read. I think that your copywriting is exceptional and unsurpassed! It’s PERFECT! You understand subtleties and have worked in all the selling points perfectly!

Leanne Bell Picture Leanne Bell

Owner, Lea Bella Creative

We have partnered with Silver Pistol Copywriting for the last 3 years, with great results and responsiveness. They do our copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), and Google AdWords campaign management. They provide first rate customer service, inspired copy, and trustworthy advice. Silver Pistol Copywriting remains our first choice when copywriting is required!

Chris McKay Picture Chris McKay

Director, Classic Blue / IBM

Thanks for your input on my last direct mail campaign. The effort you put in resulted in response rate that was twelve times higher than any other campaign that I have done. Great work!!!

Nic Gadaleta Picture Nic Gadaleta

Director, Practice Advantage

Glenn Murray and his company, Silver Pistol, bring a New Dimension to our Marketing, describing our product in an easy to read and believable way. For those looking to improve their image through the Written Word, Glenn is the advertising copywriter to contact.

Brett Harrod Picture Brett Harrod

Managing Director, Harcorp

The best copy that I have ever read!!!! PERIOD!!! In all my years, and all the different people I have ever worked with, I have NEVER had an entire project go so smoothly. I expected it to take a ton of effort on my end educating the writer, not to mention the months I was planning on spending with the writer going over every little detail until it was up to my standards. Instead, it turned out to be the easiest project I have ever overseen. You have become our creative backbone. It’s simple enough; without you, we wouldn’t be able to do it… you’re much more of a partner to us than a copywriter.

Ron Slavick Picture Ron Slavick

Director, Proleva

We had attempted on three separate occasions to roll out new web and brochure content that was worthy of our product. Glenn and his team at Silver Pistol provided us with web copy and brochure copy that has truly made us stand out from our competition. We’d always been worried that an external advertising copywriter would have difficulty capturing all of the product benefits and features. But when we received the first draft from Silver Pistol, we stopped worrying. What’s more, it was a simple process. We supplied some existing material, and Glenn filled in any knowledge gaps through regular communications. The proof is always in the results, and I have to say that since Silver Pistol re-wrote our copy, the number of leads from the website has increased by over 100%. Thanks Glenn… you make us shine!

Roo Wright Picture Roo Wright


Creative focused communication with a relatively short timeframe was required and Glenn delivered. The client – a US owner of a Chinese factory. The product – a 5 minute video presentation for a New York trade show exhibition and global fashion industry distribution. Glenn was responsive, his script effective, and his slogan inspirational.

Andrew Morse Picture Andrew Morse

Managing Director, Digital Tsunami

Glenn I love it! It really feels as if I own it, that I am speaking directly to my prospect. And when they meet me I can also live up to what that they have read about me, and the work that they have seen. Thank you, great job! I am a very happy client and look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Estelle Judah Picture Estelle Judah

Director, Estelle Judah Photography

I had the pleasure to perform a speech written by Glenn recently and I must say that his ability to match the topic with my style was outstanding. His descriptive elements worked so well with my personality that I would not hesitate in working with Glenn again should the opportunity arise. Rarely do you find a speech writer who can turn the mundane into the exciting through the written word which then transfers perfectly into the spoken word. Thanks Glenn, I look forward to working with you again some time soon.

Steve Hart Picture Steve Hart

Crime Reporter, 10 News

It’s fantastic, thank you… it’s great working with someone who truly knows what they are doing. I was hoping for a 4% conversion – your copy got me 44%!

Sophie Constanti Picture Sophie Constanti

Owner, SC Consulting

Since Volante merged with IPEX, we have had a driving need to further identify and clearly articulate our position to the marketplace. I have engaged Glenn as the advertising copywriter to make this happen. My stakeholders really respond to Glenn’s expertise and meeting facilitation, so he is able to distil our position and benefits quickly and efficiently.

Simone Wakelin Picture Simone Wakelin

Marketing Manager, Volante Group

As SMS Management & Technology embarked on a program to more effectively convey who we are and what we do within our marketplace, we needed the assistance of a capable, experienced and professional copywriter to ensure these messages were written in a clear and concise manner for our new website. Glenn and his team brought a degree of professionalism and talent to this engagement that met and exceeded the very high expectations set by our business. At a time when online users won’t tolerate excessive or unclear information, Silver Pistol has helped to ensure that we engage our clients and potential clients from the very outset. We look forward to working with Silver Pistol again.

Matthew Kaufman Picture Matthew Kaufman

Marketing Director, SMS Management & Technology

You guys are fu**ing geniuses! I will write a more appropriate mail when I have a few spare minutes but honestly I couldn’t be happier with everything you’ve done. It’s a masterpiece and the feedback from everyone to date has been brilliant.

Richard Brown Picture Richard Brown

Owner, Sandbar

I really like it – it appeals to both audiences, has some light hearted stuff in and covers all the important points.

Lindsay Giardina Picture Lindsay Giardina

Marketing Manager, Resolve Finance

Great work Glenn, I feel that I should be making some suggestions, but I really can’t fault what you’ve written. The tone is spot on and it’s both imperative and easy to read at the same time. Thanks for vindicating my decision to take this job to the professional(s)!

Andrew Clark Picture Andrew Clark

National Online Marketing Manager


Warwick Hall Picture Warwick Hall

Chairman, Pearing

Just want to let you know that the copy sent through was excellent and we will be adding it to our site, with only a few minor adjustments, very soon.

Carla Italiano Picture Carla Italiano

Marketing Coordinator, apg homes

Thanks for a smooth and easy process – the words are excellent and you would have to be the easiest copywriter I have ever dealt with! I look forward to doing more with you!

Anthony Bell Picture Anthony Bell

General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Alpine Electronic Australia Pty. Limited

We read your 1st draft copy last night and we were amazed! Never before has anyone understood our business as well as you have, and in such a short time! FABULOUS WORK!!! We LOVE it!

Dr. Loretta Malandro Picture Dr. Loretta Malandro

CEO, Malandro Consulting Group

Hi Glenn, as usual you have nailed it on the first draft! thank you very much.

Candice Gonsalves Picture Candice Gonsalves

Marketing Manager, Celebration Homes

Glenn was great to work with and he had some really good ideas for improving how we communicate complex concepts on our website. The copy we developed together at his copywriting workshop in Terrigal was perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Andrew Sellen Picture Andrew Sellen

Marketing Manager, Australian Ethical Investment Ltd

Smart and straightforward with a lot of heart, Glenn is the writer you want on your team and the leader your business needs. Not only does he write copy better than anyone I know, but he’s also an incredible educator and mentor. If you’re looking for coaching, training, or just good old copywriting then look no further, you’ve found your man. Highly recommended.

Anna Rogan Picture Anna Rogan


We found the documents very thorough and comprehensive and were extremely impressed with the work. Thanks to Glen for a job well done!

Vanessa Dix Picture Vanessa Dix

Senior Producer,

I’m delighted with the copy; it’s a fresh approach that speaks to the intended audiences and follows the brief. Excellent work!

Jenny Beckman-Wong Picture Jenny Beckman-Wong

Manager, Marketing Services, University of Western Sydney

I think that’s a wrap. I must say this task was great and well executed by yourself.

Burim Ahmedi Picture Burim Ahmedi

Product Manager, Avery Products

If you want the best, you’ve found it. You would be lucky to find a better outfit than Silver Pistol. The combination of copywriter and designer is a definite mix for success. Each can more than hold their own in their craft of choice but where the true web magic happens is when they work together. Very easy to work with, laid back guys, I found they relate well and that’s why I will continue to use their services. It’s just easy. One size does not fit all in www-land and they truly have the unique creative streak required to thrive in this industry and deliver the best possible results! You want more? Give me a call!

Damon Joseph Picture Damon Joseph

Owner, Cloud Networks Australia

We needed to bring in a copywriter who could ramp up instantly and deliver high-quality web content very quickly. Silver Pistol did all that and more, in a very responsive, thoughtful and professional style. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Mike Efron Picture Mike Efron

Manager of Web and Marketing, SEEK Learning

Really appreciate you and your team working with us on this. We’re excited and thrilled with the result and think it will really add to how we present in the market. We’ve already had very positive feedback on the logo etc and I hope/expect that our clients will feel equally positive with the website… Simply put, the biggest plus for us is you doing what you said you would when you said it would be done. I think you taking the time to understand our business also reflects in the end result with our positioning, value proposition and calls to action much clearer.

Satish Chand Picture Satish Chand

CEO, Loanworks

Thank you for all your work. I am done adding feedback to the document. As you can tell based on my comments in text, I am very very happy with it! And, yes, I do appreciate your hard and additional work and I do love you for it! ; ) I think there will be a more work coming your way in the future.

Dr. Florian Feucht Picture Dr. Florian Feucht

Principal and Founder, Thinking Habitats

What you have done is great! We are excited about what you are doing.

Gary Williamson Picture Gary Williamson

Founder, Feedom Loans Australia


Nick Chong Picture Nick Chong

Managing Director, Ardent Capital Group

This looks so great. Thanks for the amazing delivery of work! super happy!

Esha Thaper Picture Esha Thaper

Communications & Content Marketing Lead, 1Cover Travel Insurance

The way in which Glenn and his team sprung into action was amazing. The quality of work and the speed of execution was impressive. Talented and thoughtful writing.

Rob Wise Picture Rob Wise

Founder & Director, Tickbox

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