User experience (UX) and
information architecture (IA) design
Strategic website planning

Buttons, menus, site structure, images, calls to action, contact details, layout, copy placement… You want all the right bits in all the right places, so you can lead visitors, inexorably, towards your call to action.

Planned around your visitors
and call to action

If your site’s not planned before it’s designed, it may end up pretty, but it won’t be usable. Or profitable. To really enjoy a return on your investment, you need it to compel your visitors to act. And to do that, you need to plan the entire site around 2 things:

  1. What you want your visitors to do (your call to action); and
  2. What your visitors want to do

And if there are conflicts between your needs and theirs, you need to find ways to resolve them.

By developing a sitemap, navigation plan and wireframes, we isolate the information elements of the site from the aesthetic elements. This makes it easier for us (and you) to focus on the fundamental message of your website or app, and the journey it will take your visitors on.


A sitemap is a diagram that shows how all the pages of your site will fit together, illustrating meaningful page groups and information hierarchies. It has to be structured around your readers’ information needs and tailored to Google’s algorithms. At the same time, it must reflect your business priorities – even when they’re not directly aligned with those of your readers (which happens more often than you’d think).


Placeholder Image

Navigation plan

Your navigation has to be simple and inviting, yet still open the door to every page on your site. It must use the language of your customers, and say as much as possible, in as few words as possible. Even the smallest site needs carefully planned navigation controls.

Sample nav plan for UX page of website


Wireframes are interactive sketches showing the layout of each page – how everything fits together on the page. So the page tells a single, cohesive story and guides the user from headline to call-to-action.

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Together, they enable
a user-friendly visual design

With all of these assets in hand, your designer (or ours) can then create a visual design that’s user-friendly and effective, not just pretty.

See some samples of our
user experience (UX) design

Take a look at the UX design samples below, or check out our full design portfolio to see if we’re the UX designers you’re after.

Glenn has the rare ability to turn complex systems into simple, easy to use interfaces. He understands the user’s perspective very well and is able to integrate this within the product roadmap. His attention to detail is remarkable, he is always keen to learn new things, and he communicates well with different stakeholders and with the dev team. He is always positive, approachable and very easy going. I would be happy to work with him again in the future.

Rale Chung Picture Rale Chung

Head of Web Development, Appliances Online

If you want the best, you’ve found it. You would be lucky to find a better outfit than Silver Pistol. The combination of copywriter and designer is a definite mix for success. Each can more than hold their own in their craft of choice but where the true web magic happens is when they work together. Very easy to work with, laid back guys, I found they relate well and that’s why I will continue to use their services. It’s just easy. One size does not fit all in www-land and they truly have the unique creative streak required to thrive in this industry and deliver the best possible results! You want more? Give me a call!

Damon Joseph Picture Damon Joseph

Owner, Cloud Networks Australia

A year ago, I was tasked with refreshing the Loanworks brand and building the marketing function from the ground up. Over this time, I’ve engaged Glenn and his team to deliver multiple projects involving copywriting, design and web development. Glenn’s completed a wide range of tasks for Loanworks from project managing our new website, to creating animated videos, to developing ads, eDMs, brochures and whitepapers. And I’ve been thrilled with the results! The quality of his work is excellent - second to none. I’ve found him to be insightful, motivated and passionate - a joy to work with and a huge asset to our team. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Stephanie Drewe Picture Stephanie Drewe

National Marketing Manager, Loanworks

Great job guys – a brilliant result. The team here loves the new website – you have delivered exactly what we asked for and more………on budget and on time. If ever you need a reference feel free to send people our way.

Brett Mundell Picture Brett Mundell

Managing Director, Leverage Technologies

You guys are fu**ing geniuses! I will write a more appropriate mail when I have a few spare minutes but honestly I couldn’t be happier with everything you’ve done. It’s a masterpiece and the feedback from everyone to date has been brilliant.

Richard Brown Picture Richard Brown

Owner, Sandbar

Love it all …exactly the friendly, approachable look and feel I want. :-)

Allison Hendricks Picture Allison Hendricks

Owner, Darzin Software

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