Microcopy for apps & software
It’s critical to your user experience

It’s one thing getting customers to use your app. It’s another entirely to keep them using it. To make them want to use it, to share it with their friends, family and colleagues. To rave about it in reviews.

For that, you need an engaging, intuitive, friendly, unforgettable user experience (UX). And one of the most important ingredients in the UX mix is microcopy.

What is microcopy?

Microcopy is a fancy name for the words that appear in your mobile app, web app or desktop software. The on-screen instructions and explanations, the field and button labels, the navigation, the prompts and error messages, the forms and on-screen confirmations, and so on.

A microcopy writer needs to really ‘get’ UX and neuroscience

When a customer uses your app or program, they don’t just look at the words. They’re influenced by everything they encounter – both before they see the words, and after.

The design, the layout, the sounds and music, the haptic feedback, the animations, the relationships between all the informational and functional elements, the promises made in the promotional copy that led them there, their interactions with sales and customer support along the way, the fluidity of every transition and transaction…

All of these things impact your customer’s behaviour, satisfaction, understanding and trust – both consciously and subconsciously.

This means your microcopy can’t just be planned and written in isolation. It’s part of a bigger puzzle, and needs to be written with a comprehensive understanding of all the other parts.

Meet our

microcopy writers

Our microcopy writers are a lot more than just writers. Take Glenn and Phil, for example. Glenn used to manage all things UX for Appliances Online – including briefs, specifications and testing. He still manages UX and conversion optimisation for Driver Easy. He’s cross-browser tested countless websites and apps, and written dozens of user manuals. He’s even designed his own web app. Phil’s a business analyst by trade, with 25 years’ industry experience. He’s defined the functional requirements for a wide range of software applications, and conducted the user acceptance testing for just as many.

The best copywriter I have met. When it comes to making a bunch of complex points in a single short paragraph, and making it friendly and compelling, Glenn’s the best in the business.

John Winning Picture John Winning

CEO, Appliances Online

Love it all …exactly the friendly, approachable look and feel I want. :-)

Allison Hendricks Picture Allison Hendricks

Owner, Darzin Software

Without Glenn, we would never have gotten this business off the ground.

John Shore Picture John Shore

Sales Director, PropertyBlurbs.com

We can also
design & build your app

Did you know Silver Pistol also does app design and app development? So your web app or desktop software will not only have all the right words, it will also look beautiful and function flawlessly too!

Want a
microcopy quote?

If you’re after a microcopy writer with years of experience in user experience (UX), information architecture (IA), business analysis, testing and instruction guides, email us for a quote.