General Manager
32 years' experience

‘What’ and ‘how’ are powerful questions, but identifying the ‘why’, breaking that down, and exploring how we can do things better? That’s game-changing.


As the bridge between our clients and clever behind-the-scenes teams, that mentality underpins everything I do. Although I’m in a management role, I love being hands-on, dissecting the ‘why’, and taking an active part in each project.

With a 30-year career as a Business Analyst and Project Manager, my professional toolkit is packed with assimilating, reimagining, risk and gap identification, rigorous problem solving, and implementing revolutionary processes that make an impact. I enjoy breaking down complex information, particularly in the IT space. And, as a tech-talk native, communicating technical processes and convoluted jargon in a way that’s accessible has become second nature.

I’m drawn to dynamic, fast-paced projects and thrive when it comes to quick turnaround times. A proficient multi-tasker, I balance competing priorities with ease whilst communicating with key stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Equipped with a listen-first-speak-second approach, I build genuine relationships where every client feels respected. I not only listen to what our clients say, but how they say it, and enjoy the challenge of answering the unasked questions.

  • General Manager, Silver Pistol
  • Senior Business Analyst, nib Travel, 2 years
  • Technical Project Manager, icare, 2 years
  • Senior Consultant & Business Analyst, Avocado Consulting, 3 years
  • Dovetail HQ / Consolid8, 2 years
  • Business Analyst, MYOB & APS, 5 years
  • Agile certifications
  • Project Management certificate
  • Bachelor of Economics

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