Copywriter & Content Marketer
7 years' experience

I love getting inside a reader’s head. For me, there’s a thrill in finding exactly the right words to present a product or service, so the customer thinks “shut up and take my money!”


I’ve written everything from snappy product descriptions on a packaging label, up to multi-thousand-word sales pages.

In the past 3 years, I’ve written for IT, telecommunications, software, fashion, jewellery, real estate, medical, finance, education, retail, and even a specialist dog trainer.

By far, my favourite projects are in content marketing: it’s selling, without the hard sell. Or put another way, selling by inception.

Done well, content marketing plants the seed of an idea so customers can research, consider and ultimately decide to buy. And I love it because I can help customers solve problems in their lives.

Surprising fact about me: despite being a born-and-bred Melburnian, I don’t drink coffee. Instead, I’m a black tea drinker and wine enthusiast.

  • Copywriter & Content Marketer, Silver Pistol, 6 years
  • Copywriter, Editor & Proofreader, Get Heard, 7 years
  • Charity Fundraising & Events, St Mary’s House of Welcome, 4.5 years
  • Assistant Category Manager, Repco, 2 years
  • Sales & Marketing Manager, Markant Office Furniture, 3 years
  • Diploma of Digital Marketing 2016
  • Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics and Japanese)

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