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Software development can be confusing at the best of times, so you need a software Project Manager that knows the IT space inside-and-out.

Trouble getting your software project delivered? Unexplained delays in development, lack of visibility, team disharmony? We can help you regain momentum and deliver that much anticipated software.

Not to brag, but our team have spent most of their careers in the software industry. With testing, business analyst and project management skills, we’re problem-solvers and challenge-takers who engage with the fine details, without losing sight of the big picture.

Whether it’s a new project or an existing project in trouble, we’ve got you covered!

Short term project management

What we do

  • Concise and relevant Stakeholder management 
  • Work closely with change management & training relevant parties
  • Review and Assess current risks & issues
  • Updated estimates/plans plans in MS Project, Monday boards, JIRA or whatever tool you use
  • Assess risks & issues
  • Identify deciders and manage project decisions
  • Build relationships with and within development team
  • Informative and timely status reporting
  • Ensure delivery team supported 
  • Identify issues and/or gaps in current plan – and their solutions
  • Work within budget (or flag budget issues)
  • Deliver!

How we do it

Put people first.

To build, facilitate, and manage great team dynamics, we get the real story from the development team and navigate communication breakdowns. We show patience and understanding with all people, and adopt a listen-first, speak-second approach.

Be open & transparent.

We ensure all parties are on the same page throughout the project. We highlight risks and issues early — even when it’s the unpopular thing to say — and can be persistent and assertive where needed (but never condescending). Plus, we provide clear, easy-to-read reports to the relevant people.

Agile when you are.

We understand and facilitate the agile process if that’s what works for you. We value flexibility where it counts, but not so much that things go off course. We can also write acceptance criteria for agile stories using the gherkin method (if you know, you know).

Stay organised.

We outline requirements, manage competing priorities, and reprioritise when needed. We have a deep understanding of deliverables and milestones — and track them to stay on course. We estimate and set realistic timeframes, and ensure development teams are equipped to reach them so we can deliver on time, within budget.

Manage risks.

We understand, manage, and mitigate obvious surface-level risks as well as the complex ones lurking beneath the surface. If relevant, we can document a backlog of issues so the team learns from past mistakes (and doesn’t repeat them). We also plan for change management — a spot where a lot of projects unravel.

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Beyond software

Website design & development.

Silver Pistol also provides full-scope web design services including copywriting, design, development, and project management. Your new website not only reads beautifully, but looks stunning and functions flawlessly.

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