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Script writing is a very specialised skill. It’s a completely different beast to other sorts of copywriting because:

  • a script has to be read aloud;
  • it can’t be easily changed once it’s been produced;
  • even the smallest problems in a script stand out like a sore thumb to customers;
  • a script copywriter has to have an intimate awareness of the accompanying visuals, music and sound effects; and
  • the timing has to be perfectly precise.

In practice, this means your video script writer must possess an impeccable mastery of the subtleties of spoken English. For example, because people speak much less formally than they write, they expect spoken scripts to be very conversational. But at the same time, they’ll notice immediately if the tone, enunciation, intonation and emphasis don’t match your brand and convey credibility, authority and trustworthiness.

It also means a script writer has to be able to offer more than just the script itself. The visuals, music and sound effects are generally driven by the script, so your writer has to plan – or at least suggest – the flow of all three, and ensure the timing of that flow matches the timing of the voiceover.

It’s a very delicate balance.

In other words, it’s not something you want to trust to just any old cowboy. You need a copywriter with a proven scriptwriting track record.

Meet some of our

video script copywriters

One of our script copywriters wrote an award-winning Hollywood movie that made more than $10m at the box office. Another wrote TV commercials for Lenovo, IBM, Origin Energy, Greenpeace, Optus, Telstra and Tooheys. You’d definitely know the movie, and probably most of the ads.

And naturally we’ve done countless product explainers, corporate ‘About us’ videos and so on.

Here are some of our video script copywriters…

See some samples of our video script copywriting

Take a look at the video script copywriting samples below, or check out our full copywriting portfolio to see if we’re the video script copywriters you’re after.

I’m delighted with the copy; it’s a fresh approach that speaks to the intended audiences and follows the brief. Excellent work!

Jenny Beckman-Wong Picture Jenny Beckman-Wong

Manager, Marketing Services, University of Western Sydney


Warwick Hall Picture Warwick Hall

Chairman, Pearing

Creative focused communication with a relatively short timeframe was required and Glenn delivered. The client – a US owner of a Chinese factory. The product – a 5 minute video presentation for a New York trade show exhibition and global fashion industry distribution. Glenn was responsive, his script effective, and his slogan inspirational.

Andrew Morse Picture Andrew Morse

Managing Director, Digital Tsunami

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