The Silver Pistol story
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We’re a team of highly experienced copywriters, designers, business analysts and developers.

If you’re after someone who knows what they’re doing, you’ve come to the right place.


Silver Pistol started in 2002.

Back then, it was just our founder, Glenn, working from a spare bedroom in his Bateau Bay home, on the NSW Central Coast.

One of his first clients was designer, Ian. Ian was running a digital agency in Rozelle, near Balmain in Sydney. They hit it off immediately, and worked together so well that, after Ian sold the agency, they decided to join forces and add design to Silver Pistol’s list of services.

Naturally that meant they needed developers. Fortunately, Ian had recently worked with a couple of wiz-kids, Roland and Kris, and they joined the team shortly after he did.

Together, these four formed the core of the Silver Pistol team, and we’ve grown steadily, ever since. Today, we’re a 13-strong team of writers, designers and developers.

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Our difference? Quality. Everything we do is top-shelf. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t blindly follow orders. We pretend your business is our own, and we figure out what needs to be done to help it earn more money.

This means we’re particularly good at complex, subtle and sensitive subject matter. We’re smart buggers, and we think things all the way through, and talk to our clients until we know exactly what the message should be.

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We’ve worked with clients in just about every industry – from sex toys to nanotechnology. You don’t survive long in this business if you can’t adapt.

But the vast majority of our clients come from the IT and finance industries, closely followed by real estate and automotive.

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