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Relevant, memorable, artistic

A great logo has to mean something. To both you and your customers.

It has to be striking and memorable, but nonetheless subtle. It has to capture the essence of your brand, be relevant to your business domain, and convey all of that meaning to prospective customers, business partners, employees and investors, both consciously and subconsciously.

And you have to be proud of it. For many years.

Far from being an afterthought, it should drive the rest of your visual design, across all your collateral.

In other words, your logo is one thing you simply can’t afford to entrust to anyone but the absolute best designer.

Entrust it to us. Whether it’s a brand-new logo for a startup, or a refresh of an existing brand, we can design exactly the logo your business needs.

Really appreciate you and your team working with us on this. We’re excited and thrilled with the result and think it will really add to how we present in the market. We’ve already had very positive feedback on the logo etc and I hope/expect that our clients will feel equally positive with the website… Simply put, the biggest plus for us is you doing what you said you would when you said it would be done. I think you taking the time to understand our business also reflects in the end result with our positioning, value proposition and calls to action much clearer.

Satish Chand Picture Satish Chand

CEO, Loanworks

You guys are fu**ing geniuses! I will write a more appropriate mail when I have a few spare minutes but honestly I couldn’t be happier with everything you’ve done. It’s a masterpiece and the feedback from everyone to date has been brilliant.

Richard Brown Picture Richard Brown

Owner, Sandbar

Silver Pistol have been our go-to guys for copy, web design and development, for 10 years. Their work alone has increased our conversion rate by 40%, and they’re great guys to work with too. We’d never want to go elsewhere.

Adam Szmerling Picture Adam Szmerling

Owner, Bayside Psychotherapy

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