Need a business analyst
for a short-term project?

Struggling with outdated or incomplete requirements. Need help defining as-is and future state process maps?

Our clever Business Analysts provide eye-opening insights that can transform your project, and even your organisation. We’ll pinpoint where you want to go, and then plan the system and processes to get you there.

Working with your delivery team, we’ll be the conduit between the business and the development team.

We’re fluent in tech-talk, but drop the jargon when it comes to talking business. In other words, we share relevant info with whoever needs it, without the boring bits.

Business analyst Requirements

What we do

  • Short term BA projects
  • Refine requirements
  • Prototyping (Axure)
  • Regain control of software development project
  • Uncover the true status of development team
  • Stakeholder management
  • Detailed story writing or re-writing
  • Workshop software ideas with SMEs
  • Help manage flailing agile projects
  • Help with a troubled Salesforce implementation or customerisation
  • Help with complex integrated project
  • Document complex processes
  • Highlight gaps in software processes & design
  • Or even gathering new requirements (if you are starting from scratch)

How we do it

Part of the furniture

With a listen-first, speak-second approach, we easily fit into any team. We manage and mediate workplace dynamics, as well as get the real story from the development team, and workshop software ideas. You can also leave stakeholder management to us.

Honesty, always

We’re honest and transparent, even when it’s tough. We’ll flag a bad idea when we see one and tell you why we think a different path is better. Showing patience and understanding with all people, we can also be persistent and assertive where needed.

Organisation is key

Where possible, we keep the daily cadence of your workplace uninterrupted, and can even support you with meetings. We judiciously prioritise requirements and set achievable deadlines so everyone knows who’s doing what, and when it’s due.

Simplify the not-so-simple

We’ll generate and update straightforward process maps and flows, and even prototypes, especially for complex processes. We also verbally communicate those complex processes between parties, leaving jargon at the door. We can even manage difficult integrated system changes and streamline salesforce customisation.

Stay on-task

All parties are informed and held accountable (including us!), and we can assist with technical documentation and training to help teams stay efficient. We’ll regain control of software development projects, including agile projects that have gone rogue. We also facilitate risk-based testing to help navigate curve balls and help the project stay on-task.

Prototyping too

  • Allows users to see exactly what they have asked for.
  • No room for misinterpretation by developers.
  • Testers can use the prototype to write test cases.
  • Trainers can preview what is being delivered, and can start earlier.
  • Quickly replay changes in processes / logic.
  • Flush out any logic or architectural issues quickly.
  • Improve user experience (UX).
  • Can be used for desktop / tablet / mobile formats.

Prototyping is a quick, visual, interactive way of gathering software requirements.

The process is ideal for developing a new project or software, especially if it has messy workflows and requires visualisation.

Prototyping is also a handy tool for scoping changes that involve multiple stakeholder sign-off, or when people struggle to read or understand requirements.

Fantastic BA

From the moment Penny picked up the phone I knew we'd found the right BA partner. We were in the middle of a service, tech and people transformation project and we needed to play a bit of catch-up on our current and future state business processes. Penny was able to work with us to define what we needed and to support us through to project go live. Penny BA skills are second to none and was professional, insightful and down to earth and flexible with our ever changing schedule. I would highly recommend Silver Pistol.

Patrick Ryan Picture Patrick Ryan

SANE Australia, Head Service Transformation

Incredibly valuable

Things went much smoother when you were documenting processes with SANE. Having your insight to look at the business and its processes as a whole was largely valuable not just for SANE, but for our team too.


Lead consultant
Salesforce and Mulesoft implementation partner

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