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11 years' experience

Since 2013, my journey as a professional copywriter has been fueled by a lifelong love for the written word. Since I learned how to spell, I've been captivated by the power of language. Writing has become my ultimate outlet for creativity, allowing me to weave stories, inform and convey emotions in ways that speaking alone cannot achieve.


As a naturally shy person, I discovered early on that acting or motivational speaking weren’t my ideal means of expression. Instead, I sought solace in the art of copywriting. It was like stumbling upon a hidden treasure – a perfect fit for my unique combination of passion and introversion.

As a freelance copywriter for Silver Pistol, I specialise in content marketing, engaging blog writing, and keeping our social media updates on point.

  • Copywriter, Silver Pistol, 3 years
  • Freelance Copywriter & Content Creator, 6 years
  • Copywriter, Content Manager & PR Assistant, Bridget’s Healthy Kitchen, 6 years
  • Copywriter, Winning Group, 5 years
  • Customer Experience & Junior Copywriter, Climbing Frames Australia, 1 year

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