Editing & proof-reading
Give it that professional polish

Quite a few of our clients send us copy they’ve written themselves, and get us to ‘polish’ it.

This means either proof-reading it or performing a proper edit. There’s a big difference between these two options:

  • Proof-reading is where we just check to make sure the copy you supply is error-free. Grammar, punctuation, syntax, etc.
  • Editing is where we also improve the quality of the writing. We focus on making sentences succinct and friendly, making the style engaging, and of course making sure there are no errors. (But without changing the structure or logic.)

Neither of these options changes what you’re saying – the points you make, the logical argument, or the structure of the piece. We just improve how it reads.

On some pages, our changes may be significant, on others very minor. All depends what’s required, and we won’t know ’til we do it.

I’ve worked with Glenn on a number of web content projects over a number of years. I haven’t regretted selecting Glenn as my web writer once. I’ve carried out extensive testing on Glenn’s copy and each time, real samples of the target audience find that Glenn’s copy flows, is engaging and speaks directly to them. I have also enjoyed reading Glenn’s articles that have been published in leading industry publications. I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Glenn.

Tim McQueen Picture Tim McQueen

Digital Manager, Macquarie University

I think that’s a wrap. I must say this task was great and well executed by yourself.

Burim Ahmedi Picture Burim Ahmedi

Product Manager, Avery Products

Just want to let you know that the copy sent through was excellent and we will be adding it to our site, with only a few minor adjustments, very soon.

Carla Italiano Picture Carla Italiano

Marketing Coordinator, apg homes

I've had the pleasure of working with Glenn and the Silver Pistol Team on and off on different businesses for over 10+ years. I go to Glenn when I am looking for a great copywriter, not just a good one. You get far more than persuasive, engaging content with the ability to write. You get a well organised and confident business partner that helps his clients meet their goals and asks the hard questions when needed. With their strong business acumen, they research deeply to become knowledgeable about the intended audience and the language they use daily. They can handle complex business models and comfortably work with companies that don't always have well-defined value propositions without breaking a sweat. Ultimately Silver Pistol has a unique ability to simplify words, get straight to the point and fuse together meaningful content that genuinely adds value. They do all this in a reliable, well organised and professional manner. I'd have no hesitation on recommending Glenn and Silver Pistol when you really need to kick some big goals and are looking for a top-shelf copywriting partner.

Nathan Stewart Picture Nathan Stewart

Owner, nathanstewart.com (marketing consultant for MicroSourcing)

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