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We’ve been writing SEO copy since 2003. In fact, our Managing Director, Glenn, even wrote a book on it.

We include all the right words in all the right places. More importantly, we do it without impacting your conversion rate.

What is SEO copy?

SEO copy tells the search engines what you do. This determines what search results your website will appear in.

Done well, it’s just your sales message with a smattering of carefully positioned phrases – the phrases your customers are Googling.

Done poorly, it’s unreadable.

What ISN’T it?

The term ‘SEO copy’ is thrown around a lot these days. Usually inappropriately. And quite often in combination with that dreaded concept, ‘keyword density’.

Keyword density is an overly-simplistic measure of the number of times you’ve used your target keywords. If you’re trying to rank in searches for “car hire Sydney” and you use the phrase “car hire Sydney” 10 times on a 100-word page, then your keyword density is said to be 10% (i.e. 10/100).

Unfortunately, a lot of so-called SEO copywriters think all they have to do is get a high keyword density, and they’re done. Complete rubbish! And here’s why…

Search engines don’t think that way at all. They use way more complicated mathematical algorithms to identify what your site’s about.

And even if they did use keyword density, can you imagine a 100-word page with 10 instances of “car hire Sydney”?! That’s a 3-word phrase. Use it 10 times, and you’ve used up 30 of your 100 words. Imagine how repetitive that would be. And how nonsensical… those 3 words don’t actually go comfortably in spoken or written English. Your page would be a complete shambles!

To make matters worse, a lot of SEO copywriters try to bamboozle clients with talk of things like “latent semantic indexing”, “probabilistic latent semantic indexing”, “the Semantic Web” and “Web 3.0”.

They probably don’t understand these terms any more than you do! And the truth is, these complex concepts simply aren’t relevant to most SEO copywriting jobs.

Don’t get me wrong; they’re valid concepts, and they ARE relevant if you’re writing SEO copy for a really big corporate site that needs to rank in an ultra-competitive search, like “computer”, “car” or “hotel”. For everyone else, however, SEO copywriting is a lot simpler to grasp.

SEO copywriting is
very hard to do well

A good SEO copywriter must:

  • Measure keyword frequency (not density)
  • Use a phrase counter if you’re targeting an EXACT phrase
  • Use a word cloud if you’re NOT targeting an EXACT phrase
  • Target one primary keyword per page
  • Dedicate a cluster of pages to each keyword
  • Be specific, and invent headings, captions and lists
  • Use grammar & punctuation ‘creatively’
  • Link out strategically for SEO and credibility

Google doesn’t buy.
Visitors do!

In addition to the above sorts of best practices, you have to always remember that Google doesn’t buy anything. Visitors do.

A high ranking is just a means to an end. It’s not enough just to get visitors to your site. You want to make them buy! So you need to be very careful not to sacrifice readability for SEO.

It’s a delicate balance. We achieve this balance by writing the copy for your visitors first. At the page level, we actually completely ignore the search engines until the very end. We just make sure your copy appeals to readers. Only after you’ve approved the copy do we start to optimise for search engines.

Nonetheless, there are often conflicts between what Google wants, and what your visitors want. And those conflicts have to be addressed. Only by addressing these conflicts can your SEO copywriting appeal to both visitors and search engines.

Here are just a few of the more common conflicts we bear in mind as we write…

  • Keyword frequency vs readability
  • Keyword-rich vs persuasive headings
  • Headings that start with keywords vs headings that start with persuasion
  • Keyword-rich vs feature/benefit-rich lists
  • Bolded keywords vs bolded meaning words
  • Keyword-rich vs scannable vs engaging links
  • Summaries that start with keywords vs summaries that start with meaning or persuasion
  • Captions that start with keywords vs captions that start with meaningful description
  • Target keyword vs grammatical variants
  • Exact phrase vs individual words scattered across the page
  • Long vs short copy
  • Keyword prominence vs succinctness
  • Title tags that start with keywords vs Title tags that start with brand
  • Keyword-rich vs persuasive, meaningful Description tags
  • Keyword-rich vs helpful, descriptive image Alt attributes

See some samples of our SEO copywriting

Take a look at the SEO copywriting samples below, or check out our full copywriting portfolio to see if we’re the SEO copywriters you’re after.

We needed to bring in a copywriter who could ramp up instantly and deliver high-quality web content very quickly. Silver Pistol did all that and more, in a very responsive, thoughtful and professional style. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Mike Efron Picture Mike Efron

Manager of Web and Marketing, SEEK Learning

I’ve worked with Glenn on a number of web content projects over a number of years. I haven’t regretted selecting Glenn as my web writer once. I’ve carried out extensive testing on Glenn’s copy and each time, real samples of the target audience find that Glenn’s copy flows, is engaging and speaks directly to them. I have also enjoyed reading Glenn’s articles that have been published in leading industry publications. I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Glenn.

Tim McQueen Picture Tim McQueen

Digital Manager, Macquarie University

We have partnered with Silver Pistol Copywriting for the last 3 years, with great results and responsiveness. They do our copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), and Google AdWords campaign management. They provide first rate customer service, inspired copy, and trustworthy advice. Silver Pistol Copywriting remains our first choice when copywriting is required!

Chris McKay Picture Chris McKay

Director, Classic Blue / IBM

Glenn, I really like it! You have hit the style on the head.

James Ward Picture James Ward

CEO, Freestyle Media (Virgin's agency)

Silver Pistol have been our go-to guys for copy, web design and development, for 10 years. Their work alone has increased our conversion rate by 40%, and they’re great guys to work with too. We’d never want to go elsewhere.

Adam Szmerling Picture Adam Szmerling

Owner, Bayside Psychotherapy

I think that’s a wrap. I must say this task was great and well executed by yourself.

Burim Ahmedi Picture Burim Ahmedi

Product Manager, Avery Products

It’s fantastic, thank you… it’s great working with someone who truly knows what they are doing. I was hoping for a 4% conversion – your copy got me 44%!

Sophie Constanti Picture Sophie Constanti

Owner, SC Consulting

Great work Glenn, I feel that I should be making some suggestions, but I really can’t fault what you’ve written. The tone is spot on and it’s both imperative and easy to read at the same time. Thanks for vindicating my decision to take this job to the professional(s)!

Andrew Clark Picture Andrew Clark

National Online Marketing Manager

What you have done is great! We are excited about what you are doing.

Gary Williamson Picture Gary Williamson

Founder, Feedom Loans Australia

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