Brochure copywriting
Make every word count

Your brochure copy has a big job to do. It has to engage your audience, discuss your product or service, convey your authority, and compel the reader to act. Every word must count.

No empty words

People are much more patient when reading brochures than when reading web pages. But decision-makers get a lot of junk mail, so your brochure copywriter still has to make every word count.

You have only seconds to engage your reader, convey your credibility and the benefits of your offering, and persuade them to keep reading. And not much longer to compel them to act.

Prove you understand

One of the best ways to engage your audience is to show you have a solid understanding of their situation and challenges.

But you have to be careful. Most readers are reading your copy because they have a problem they’re trying to resolve. It’s tempting to show your understanding by jumping straight into a discussion of their problem. That’s not always the best approach.

Studies show that positives sell more effectively than negatives, so it’s usually a better idea to discuss the benefits you offer. Don’t focus on your readers’ relationship troubles, debts, misery and lowly job. Offer, instead, to make them sexier, wealthier, happier and more successful.

Back up your promises

People aren’t stupid. Even if they’re desperate to buy, they’re still very discerning. They want to know you can come good on your promises.

Conveying your credibility and authority in your field is half the battle, but you also have to validate your claims. Give them logical reasons why what you’re saying is true. Better yet, give proof. Case studies, testimonials, visual evidence, graphs, research…

Even jargon has its place. But only as a credibility builder, never use it to explain something. Use it only on the periphery – in bullet points, labels, illustrations – where readers can glance at it, be appropriately awed, and move on.

Be succinct

Say only what you have to say, and not a word more.

And make them feel the difference

Perhaps the most important part is making sure your reader can feel the difference in your copy. They may not be able to say exactly why it’s better, but they’ll definitely be able to sense it.

See some samples of our brochure copywriting

Take a look at the brochure copywriting samples below, or check out our full copywriting portfolio to see if we’re the brochure copywriters you’re after.

I’m delighted with the copy; it’s a fresh approach that speaks to the intended audiences and follows the brief. Excellent work!

Jenny Beckman-Wong Picture Jenny Beckman-Wong

Manager, Marketing Services, University of Western Sydney

Silver Pistol have been our go-to guys for copy, web design and development, for 10 years. Their work alone has increased our conversion rate by 40%, and they’re great guys to work with too. We’d never want to go elsewhere.

Adam Szmerling Picture Adam Szmerling

Owner, Bayside Psychotherapy

Really appreciate you and your team working with us on this. We’re excited and thrilled with the result and think it will really add to how we present in the market. We’ve already had very positive feedback on the logo etc and I hope/expect that our clients will feel equally positive with the website… Simply put, the biggest plus for us is you doing what you said you would when you said it would be done. I think you taking the time to understand our business also reflects in the end result with our positioning, value proposition and calls to action much clearer.

Satish Chand Picture Satish Chand

CEO, Loanworks

We can also design your brochure

Did you know Silver Pistol also does brochure design? So your brochure will not only read great, it will look great too!

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