eDM & sales letter copywriting
Grab your reader & don’t let go

Your email has to grab your reader fast!

Whoever they are, you can be sure they receive mountains of junk and boring email, and they’re looking for an excuse to bin yours.

We once got paid $30,000
to write a single headline!

Want to know what it was?

Now THAT’S a headline!

It’s an outright lie, but a great headline, nonetheless. And it’s exactly the sort of thing your sales letter needs to start with. (A great headline, not an outright lie!)

Because once you have them reading, all you have to do is KEEP them reading. Which is a lot easier.

A good sales email copywriter knows that most great headlines need to include at least one of 4 things. Once you’ve read the 4 things, take another look at my headline, and see how many boxes it ticks.

  1. Self interest – Does it promise a benefit to the reader? Lose weight, be happy, get rich…
  2. Quick, easy way – Does it offer one? People love shortcuts and hate work.
  3. News – Does it contain any? Cutting-edge research, a new product, a noteworthy win…
  4. Curiosity – Does it sound interesting? Does the reader feel compelled to read on to find out what you’re talking about?

What else can we do to
keep you reading?

If a copywriter’s most important job is to get people reading, their second-most important job is to KEEP people reading.

Make your sentences short. Make them interesting. Make them flow. Give them a balance and a rhythm. That’s why people love songs, you know – why they listen to them, over and over. Aim for that, but don’t stop there…

Plant seeds of curiosity

You want your readers to be hanging on the end of every sentence. Stop for a second. Look back at the last sentence in the paragraph above. See how it hints at even more insight in this paragraph? That’s called a ‘seed of curiosity’. It helps ensure you don’t get to the end of the paragraph and simply stop reading.

And break us some rules

Starting a sentence with a conjunction is another way to keep your readers reading. “And” or “But” or “Or”, and so on. Conjunctions signal to the reader that the sentence they’re about to read is closely related to what they’ve just been thinking about. So it’s not going to take them a lot of cognitive effort to understand it.

Even better if you start a whole paragraph with a conjunction. ‘Cos then you’re telling the reader the whole paragraph is going to be easy.

It’s OK to break some rules. If you know what you’re doing, and it works for your audience, you don’t even need to write in full sentences. Not all the time anyway.

I’ve done it here a gazillion times.

Be confident. Be adventurous. Say what you mean, and don’t pull punches. Nobody ever remembers marketing blather.

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The best copywriter I have met. When it comes to making a bunch of complex points in a single short paragraph, and making it friendly and compelling, Glenn’s the best in the business.

John Winning Picture John Winning

CEO, Appliances Online

I've had the pleasure of working with Glenn and the Silver Pistol Team on and off on different businesses for over 10+ years. I go to Glenn when I am looking for a great copywriter, not just a good one. You get far more than persuasive, engaging content with the ability to write. You get a well organised and confident business partner that helps his clients meet their goals and asks the hard questions when needed. With their strong business acumen, they research deeply to become knowledgeable about the intended audience and the language they use daily. They can handle complex business models and comfortably work with companies that don't always have well-defined value propositions without breaking a sweat. Ultimately Silver Pistol has a unique ability to simplify words, get straight to the point and fuse together meaningful content that genuinely adds value. They do all this in a reliable, well organised and professional manner. I'd have no hesitation on recommending Glenn and Silver Pistol when you really need to kick some big goals and are looking for a top-shelf copywriting partner.

Nathan Stewart Picture Nathan Stewart

Owner, nathanstewart.com (marketing consultant for MicroSourcing)

It’s fantastic, thank you… it’s great working with someone who truly knows what they are doing. I was hoping for a 4% conversion – your copy got me 44%!

Sophie Constanti Picture Sophie Constanti

Owner, SC Consulting

Thanks for your input on my last direct mail campaign. The effort you put in resulted in response rate that was twelve times higher than any other campaign that I have done. Great work!!!

Nic Gadaleta Picture Nic Gadaleta

Director, Practice Advantage

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