Automotive copywriting

The automotive industry delivers more of our copywriting clients than nearly any other.

For example, in 2009, we wrote all the vehicle copy for Toyota’s new website. 20 vehicles. That was gruelling. Unless you’ve written car copy before, you have no idea how many times you have to say exactly the same thing in an entirely different way.

In 2010, we wrote the corporate copy for some 55 car dealerships from Australia’s biggest dealer network, the Automotive Holdings Group (AHG).

In 2016, we wrote web copy for 31 Audi vehicles.

Automotive clients

(just some)

Silver Pistol was efficient and reliable to work with, to say the least. I felt extremely confident when outsourcing work to them for Toyota – one of our biggest and most important clients. They are extremely organized, dedicated and dependable when working to deadlines, and I have greatly appreciated their constant attention to detail. I would recommend them for any variety of projects, as they are creative and versatile, and they adapt very well to the needs of their clients. They have always walked the extra mile to meet particular needs, and I would be happy to use them again for future projects.

Hayley Browne Picture Hayley Browne

Toyota Account,
HotHouse Interactive Pty Ltd.

Great work Glenn, I feel that I should be making some suggestions, but I really can’t fault what you’ve written. The tone is spot on and it’s both imperative and easy to read at the same time. Thanks for vindicating my decision to take this job to the professional(s)!

Andrew Clark Picture Andrew Clark

National Online Marketing Manager

Copy is great.

Aimee Kleimeyer Picture Aimee Kleimeyer

Marketing Specialist - Content, Ateco Automotive Group

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