SEO copy for Australia's largest motoring group. 48 dealer websites and their national website.

The client

With more than 140 car and truck dealerships across Australia and New Zealand, AHG is Australia’s largest automotive retailer.

What they needed

As part of a nationwide re-branding and search engine optimisation exercise, AHG needed SEO copy written for 48 dealership websites as well as their national corporate website.

What we did

Over 3 months, we wrote a total of approximately 760 pages of high quality SEO copy, including a 10-page vehicle maintenance guide. Throughout the project, my main point of contact was AHG’s Online Executive, but I managed copy reviews directly with each dealership’s Marketing Coordinator.

What the client thought

Great work Glenn, I feel that I should be making some suggestions, but I really can’t fault what you’ve written. The tone is spot on and it’s both imperative and easy to read at the same time. Thanks for vindicating my decision to take this job to the professional(s)!

Andrew Clark Picture Andrew Clark

National Online Marketing Manager

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