Education copywriting

We’ve written countless descriptions for university undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and quite a few general promotional pieces for different universities and schools within universities. Not to mention a handful of private education institutes.

In fact, the education sector is one of our biggest sources of copywriting work. Not because we have more clients in this industry, but because education clients engage us to do a lot of high volume work.

Here’s a graph showing which industries most of our copywriting jobs come from.

The challenges of education copywriting

The biggest challenge when working with universities is that the subject matter experts who provide most of the background information, and who end up reviewing the copy, are usually academics. They’re very close to their subject matter and often insist that it’s exhaustive, not just accurate. And they have very little tolerance for the vague and all-encompassing statements that are sometimes required in copywriting.

Fortunately, however, our education copywriters have spent more than their fair share of time in the academic world. (Glenn, for instance, has a Master’s degree.) We’re comfortable communicating with professors and lecturers, and they don’t intimidate us.

Our education copywriting clients

One of our earliest clients was the University of Western Sydney. We wrote 18 course brochures for them, as well as the script for a promotional DVD. (Yep, we also write video scripts.)

Since 2009, we’ve written a lot of copy for various schools within Macquarie University. They test the usability of their pages very rigorously. These tests have revealed that our copy significantly outperformed their original copy. ‘Cloze testing’ on two of our pages, for example, showed that reader comprehension was 144% better. ‘Flesch-Kincaid testing’ on the same pages showed an increase in ease of reading from 0 to 25.3 on the first page, and from 6.7 to 22.7 on the second (a higher score means easier to read).

But not all our education copywriting work has been for universities. We’ve written for private colleges (e.g. language schools), private training organisations (e.g. Thinking Habitats) and also for organisations like SEEK Learning, which on-sells university courses to job-seekers.

Some clients

from the education sector

See some samples of our education copywriting

Take a look at the education copywriting samples below, or check out our full copywriting portfolio to see if we’re the education copywriters you’re after.

We needed to bring in a copywriter who could ramp up instantly and deliver high-quality web content very quickly. Silver Pistol did all that and more, in a very responsive, thoughtful and professional style. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Mike Efron Picture Mike Efron

Manager of Web and Marketing, SEEK Learning

I’m delighted with the copy; it’s a fresh approach that speaks to the intended audiences and follows the brief. Excellent work!

Jenny Beckman-Wong Picture Jenny Beckman-Wong

Manager, Marketing Services, University of Western Sydney

I’ve worked with Glenn on a number of web content projects over a number of years. I haven’t regretted selecting Glenn as my web writer once. I’ve carried out extensive testing on Glenn’s copy and each time, real samples of the target audience find that Glenn’s copy flows, is engaging and speaks directly to them. I have also enjoyed reading Glenn’s articles that have been published in leading industry publications. I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Glenn.

Tim McQueen Picture Tim McQueen

Digital Manager, Macquarie University

Thank you for all your work. I am done adding feedback to the document. As you can tell based on my comments in text, I am very very happy with it! And, yes, I do appreciate your hard and additional work and I do love you for it! ; ) I think there will be a more work coming your way in the future.

Dr. Florian Feucht Picture Dr. Florian Feucht

Principal and Founder, Thinking Habitats

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