On-site copywriting
When need a copywriter
to work in your office

If you need us to come to you, for any reason, we can. Whether you’re in Sydney or anywhere else in the world.

  • If you work better face-to-face.
  • If your subject matter is very complex or subtle, or it’s absolutely
    top secret.
  • If you can’t explain everything in writing or on the phone.
  • If 3 drafts are never enough.
  • If you want to help draft the copy.
  • If you want your team to have more ownership of your
    marketing materials.
  • If you have a lot of stakeholders, so questionnaires and phone interviews are impractical.
  • If your stakeholders need to bounce off or approve each other’s ideas.
  • If you need everyone in the same room, with me facilitating, so we can cut to the chase and find common ground quickly.
  • If the discussion about what needs to be said is as important as the decision, and we need to witness it and be a part of it.

Stakeholder interviews and facilitation

When we work from our own office, we get the information we need using questionnaires, phone calls, emails and chat. But that doesn’t work for everyone. Or for every product or service.

Sometimes it’s a personality thing, sometimes something specific to your offering. But whatever it is, we’ve dealt with it before. We’ve been in business since 2002, so we’ve interviewed more than our fair share of clients, subject-matter experts and stakeholders.

We understand that they don’t always know exactly what your marketing material needs to say and why it’s important. That they often don’t feel like helping and feel everyone should just ‘get it’ the moment they look at it.

We also understand that stakeholders usually don’t agree, and politics is often at play in those disagreements. And we understand that they sometimes don’t even know exactly what they know, much less how to express it.

But we’re able to get the information we need, regardless. You don’t survive as a copywriter if you can’t.

We know a lot already, we learn fast, we ask the right questions, we deal with everyone differently, and we give everyone the opportunity they need to make the contribution they’re capable of.

Watch us write,
or help us

If you have some particularly important copy you need written, get us to write it while you watch. We’ll walk you through what we’re doing, as we’re doing it, too. And we’ll ask questions as we go to make sure we’re getting the details and tone of voice right.

We can even collaborate on it. Anything from simple wording suggestions to writing whole passages yourself.

For example, you might write a sentence or two, and say, “This is what I’m trying to say here”. Then we can rewrite it, and ask, “What about this?” Then you can explain why it’s not quite right or why some readers might take it the wrong way. How it needs just a bit more emphasis here, or how this particular word has the wrong connotations, and maybe we should try this…

In reality, this is what usually ends up happening anyway. We think out loud, as we write, and actively engage you on all sorts of things. And we encourage feedback.

This sort of approach gives you and your team an opportunity to play a much bigger part in how the copy comes together.

See some samples

Take a look at the samples below, or check out our full copywriting portfolio to see if we’re the copywriters you’re after.

Glenn was great to work with and he had some really good ideas for improving how we communicate complex concepts on our website. The copy we developed together at his copywriting workshop in Terrigal was perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Andrew Sellen Picture Andrew Sellen

Marketing Manager, Australian Ethical Investment Ltd

Silver Pistol have been our go-to guys for copy, web design and development, for 10 years. Their work alone has increased our conversion rate by 40%, and they’re great guys to work with too. We’d never want to go elsewhere.

Adam Szmerling Picture Adam Szmerling

Owner, Bayside Psychotherapy

Glenn has the rare ability to turn complex systems into simple, easy to use interfaces. He understands the user’s perspective very well and is able to integrate this within the product roadmap. His attention to detail is remarkable, he is always keen to learn new things, and he communicates well with different stakeholders and with the dev team. He is always positive, approachable and very easy going. I would be happy to work with him again in the future.

Rale Chung Picture Rale Chung

Head of Web Development, Appliances Online

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