Research and writing for 24 pages of SEO copy.

The client

Virgin Broadband offered mobile broadband solutions for laptops and tablets.

What they needed

In 2007, one of Virgin’s Australian digital agencies, Freestyle Media, contacted us because Virgin needed SEO web copy to help it rank in customer searches for “wireless broadband” and related terms.

What we did

Over a period of a couple of weeks, we wrote 24 pages of SEO copy supporting the Virgin Broadband offering.

Importantly, the client supplied very little beyond the list of pages they wanted written, the target keywords for each page and the details of the broadband plans on offer. It was up to us to decide exactly what to write for each page, and to research the technical detail required to write it.

For example, the client told us only that they wanted “a page on Mobile Broadband” and that it had to target the phrases “Broadband Mobile”, “Broadband roaming” and “Broadband Mobile phone”. We decided to write a page discussing what mobile broadband is, how fast it is, and how much you can download with it. We had to research all the peripheral technical detail (3G details, how it works, advertised speed vs actual speed, download quotas, etc.).

What the client thought

Glenn, I really like it! You have hit the style on the head.

James Ward Picture James Ward

CEO, Freestyle Media (Virgin's agency)

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