Entertaining sales copy promoting a leather duffle bag.

The client

Anna Roe & Co is a small Australian online retailer of handbags, brief-cases and luggage.

What they needed

In 2011 the company’s founder contacted us for help increasing conversions for one of their flagship products, the Venezia Duffle bag. She asked us to rewrite the manufacturer-supplied copy in a more engaging style.

What we did

First we spoke with the client, to get a feel for the product and its strengths, and to find out how she wanted to position it. She was happy to try something a little more adventurous and entertaining than the boring sales copy used by most e-commerce retailers. So we decided a humorous James Bond take might be a good approach. We established the masculinity of the bag by associating it with the iconic James Bond character, and drew on the decades-old Connery vs Moore debate to define the bag’s specific personality.

What the client thought

LOVE it!!! Laughed out loud [partly in sympathy for Roger] but think this is a great approach. I would think this may hit the target square on.

Annelies Roe Picture Annelies Roe

Founder, Anna Roe & Co

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