MC Hammer from a technical writer’s perspective…

January 24, 2007 •
MC Hammer from a technical writer's perspective

We’re enjoying some much-needed rain in Sydney today, so I thought I’d celebrate with a more light-hearted post.

A couple of years back, someone sent me this gem, previously published in an issue of Vertigo, the much-loved student magazine of the University of Technology, Sydney. Penned by editor, Pat Armstrong, this very funny piece deconstructs MC Hammer’s 90s ‘classic’, You Can’t Touch This. It also provides a disturbing insight into the deeply troubled minds of today’s young writers! Be warned, I’ve been told this is only funny to writers!

MC Hammer is:

  • A super dope homeboy:
    • From the Oaktown.
  • Dope on the floor; and
  • Magic on the mic.


  • The funky lyrics;
  • Fresh new kicks; and
  • Fresh new pants.

Events for which the bell is sounded:

  • School being in (sucka).

Things which can’t be stopped:

  • Hammer time (concept is unclear – some explanation needed).

Things which can’t be touched:

  • This.

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