SEO: How to generate lots of ideal links to your site for a high ranking

January 25, 2007 •

There are many possible ways to generate links. Some are dubious (like auto-generation software, and sites set up by webmasters simply to host links to their other sites) and I won’t be discussing them here. Others, like those discussed below, are legitimate.

NOTE: Link generation is an ongoing (often tedious) task. You need to be dedicated and systematic. In other words, you need a strategy. Take a look through the link generation alternatives discussed below to see what suits you best. Then put your thinking cap on and get creative. It’s a new and very exciting field; there are undoubtedly many undiscovered ways to generate links. This chapter is just a starting point.

The six main ways to generate inbound links these days are:

  1. Add your site to DMOZ & Yahoo Directories
  2. Get your business partners to link to you
  3. Swap links
  4. Find out who links to your competitors
  5. Article PR
  6. Simply have great content on your site

Over the coming days, I’ll cover each of these methods in a little more detail. Today, I’ll address just the first.

Add your site to DMOZ & Yahoo Directories

The search engines regularly crawl these directories in search of new links, and they value these links quite highly (largely because the directories are human-edited).

Here’s how you add your site:

  • DMOZ Open Directory Project – “…the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.” DMOZ does not charge for submissions. NOTE: This is the same as the Google Directory.
  • Yahoo Directory – Yahoo charges for submissions (last time I checked, the submission fee was USD$299).

Stay tuned for further details on the other link generation methods.

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