Bruce Clay, ‘Buzz-King’, is pulling our legs!

November 19, 2008 •

I just watched the ‘Rank is Dead’ video interview of Bruce Clay over at WebProNews. Very interesting and, above all, entertaining!

Bruce made some very interesting points, but ‘cmon, everyone has to recognize that he’s just beating up some buzz!

His claims that sites with ‘engagement objects’ (e.g. videos) will outrank sites without, simply because of those objects, is ridiculous. And he knows it. Video can be crap too, and even the best vidoes aren’t scannable the way text copy is. What’s more, Google’s ability to ‘read’ video is still in its infancy, whereas its ability to read text copy is well advanced. So, even if it’s just playing safe, Google will give quality text the benefit of the doubt for a long time to come.

Also, all this hype about SEOs needing to consider traffic and conversions and analytics, etc. Another beatup. Those things have always been important, and always will be. Some companies increase your rankings, some monitor and address analytics and conversions. Some do both. Those companies that just work on rankings will always be important. No matter how the rankings are determined, someone will always have to work on that aspect.

Don’t let Bruce suck you in!

That said, it’s all good food for thought, and I’m sure it’ll all contribute to some degree to the future of SEO.

What’s more, the comments, alone, were worth the read. So thanks WebProNews!

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