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November 10, 2022 •
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We live in a world flooded with content and every conceivable form of media, and it’s easy to feel that nothing is new or exciting enough. So to avoid a future where we are desensitized to anything on a screen, we must continue finding ways to deliver information in a way that is both unique and specific to its content.

Videos represent the bright future of communications because they bridge disconnection. When used effectively, they engage, educate and persuade in a more nuanced, specialised and personal way than text or image alone.

Once Upon a Time…

The image has been used as a medium of communication for the length of human existence. In fact, the way we see it, images have had two functions:
1. Offers ideas beyond the literal
2. Storytelling

Whether it’s for a primary school essay on “World War I” or your latest sales report, pretty much everyone on earth has had to “insert picture from file.” And why not? Pictures break up text and add a little pizazz. So it’s clear videos are the natural extension. They allow you to tell a story and are rooted in the essence of communication. Channel the excitement of those who were dazzled by the first moving picture in 1888!

Back to Basics

With the internet and social media demanding so much of us, communicating is easy yet meaningless unless you find a way to truly connect. Adding on the fact that websites are not innovative enough to separate you from the pack, it’s clear the solution lies in finding creative and human ways to adapt to a constantly dynamic world. And no, you don’t have to be a millennial or a tech wizard to be in the know.
Fun fact – the average age of a millennial is between 26-40.

We’ve all gotta start somewhere, and our advice is to forge a path to a meaningful connection to those you want to work with. Videos are the friendly wave and helping hand that text and images alone can’t achieve. They can persuade and build trust in a world both hungry for and overloaded with information.

Who Are You, and What Do You Want?

The beauty of using videos on your website is that they are not industry, service or product specific. Like a ray of sun on a cloudy day, they are naturally inclined to suit and uplift its content because they can break down complicated (or let’s be honest, dull) information and thereby cater to the masses. Luckily, this means the more technical your business is, the easier it is for a prospective client to understand your offering.

It’s Not All About You

While you may be searching and shouting out for that special client you so cleverly identified in seemingly endless meetings, the internet is a wide and scary place, and you can’t anticipate the sheer range of prospective clients that need your help. And just because you, the employees of your accounting, software, legal firm or otherwise may understand the website, it doesn’t mean the owner of a start-up pottery studio or family restaurant will. Unfamiliarity with the industry should not mean exclusion, especially for those you want to help. Videos, done well, convey complex themes and start you on the journey of building trust with the audience.

Web marketing via videos go a long way to gaining trust

In this way, videos represent accessibility, immediately expanding the range and reach of your website. Text and image might be alright for some, but video extend your audience to those with a visual style of learning. So not only is video helping explain complex concepts, by appealing to yet another learning style, it extends your target audience.

With the internet already a fairly unfriendly environment, the power of the spoken word cannot be understated, which is where a voice-over or narration can add that extra layer of comfort, clarity and an overall personal touch to your website. Videos are about embracing what makes your company and your prospective clients unique, and forming a connection between the two.

Right Place, Right Time

The beauty of adding videos to your website is not just to catch the attention of your client, but to retain their engagement beyond the video itself, allowing them to find exactly what they need. Wyzowl estimates that it takes up to 1.8 million words in text format to communicate the same amount of information as a one-minute video. And while we all love cuddling up with our favourite book, think of how much time you would save if it was a 5-second video!

The Perfect Fit

There’s really no reason not to add a video or two to your website. Do you think you would benefit from one or more of these videos on your website?

Introduction to BusinessBeing the first thing a prospective client sees, you can engage and establish a compelling tone right off the bat.This can be text with simple narration, text with music to provide a moment of calm, or an explainer video with people in front of the camera.
Service/ Product OverviewEasy to draw focus; can be used to highlight something new or innovative.As above.
How to …Usually briefer and a lot easier to digest than in solely text form. Allows you to explain a complicated process in simple terms and control how the information is digested.A step-by-step instructions with either voiceover/ narration or background music.
(And don’t forget to consider automatic captions for those watching with sound muted)
TestimonialsAllowing clients to speak for themselves can be reassuring to the viewer, and adds a sense of authenticity. Usually a straight to camera piece.

While this is just a brief overview to get you started, finding the right form and style will make the rest of the process relatively easy. Because we’e at a place where pretty much every market is competitive, you should constantly be asking questions of your business: who are we, what do we want to represent, why should people want to work with us? And it’s not as philosophical as it sounds! Finding an answer will help you capitalise on the uniqueness of your business.

The Nitty Gritty

On average, websites with videos retain customers for up to 60% longer than those without. CISCO estimated that in 2020 alone, 82% of web traffic content was video. Not only does Google recognise this and raise your ranking accordingly, but video platforms operate within their own and specific SEO optimization, meaning you have all bases covered.

It’s a simple sign of the times that websites are easier to find when they contain videos. You open up access through other media platforms such as Youtube, which is where all the cool kids hang out, and now they can be exposed to your brilliant work as well as “cat and dog go swimming together.” Meeting the greater demand for video content expands your reach and relevance, thereby increasing the likelihood of being found by the right people.

At the End of the Day…

Again, accessibility is the magic word. Videos are an excellent investment in your business’s future because they are affordable and simple to create. Editing and producing tools are readily available and easy to use, and with the average marketing video clocking in at approximately 60 seconds, it’s one of the easiest decisions you can make for your website. And if you decide to outsource, you’ll be supporting creatives and ensuring you have top notch content!

Videos are everywhere, so you may as well join the party. It’s clear why the cardinal sin of a film is to be boring – it doesn’t matter how technically perfect a movie is if you don’t care about the content. It’s the same in real life, and the same in business.


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