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November 4, 2013 •
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Ask the Grammar Geeks

Need help with a grammar or punctuation problem? Post it on my new Grammar Advice Google+ community, and our Grammar Geeks will help you out.

Here are our geeks…

Glenn Murray (me) – Copywriter, Divine Write

Glenn Murray copywriter

I’m a specialist website copywriter, from just north of Sydney. I started Divine Write in 2002, after working as a technical writer in software for 9 years. I’ve written for clients all around the world, including IBM, Toyota, Telstra, Virgin, Westpac, the Commonwealth Bank and the Australian Government.


Micky Stuivenberg – Copywriter,

Micky Stuivenberg copywriter

Micky Stuivenberg is an international copywriter and web content/SEO consultant with 20 years’ experience in copywriting, editing, journalism and marketing communications. She runs her own business (Triple W Communications) from the NSW North Coast and loves helping small businesses improve their online presence.


Nicole Leedham – Copywriter, Black Coffee Communication

Nicole Leedham copywriter

Grammar pedantry runs in Nicole’s family, with her earliest memories being of her dad correcting her spoken sentences. Now, when she’s not working at her copywriting business, Black Coffee Communication, she’s torturing her own children in turn and hopes that they too will continue to keep the flames of correct English grammar alive, despite the proliferation of text speak and of signwriters’ continued misuse of apostrophes.


Sheryl Allen – Copywriter, Over the Page

Sheryl copywriter

Sheryl runs Over the Page copywriting. Her world is crafting feel-good content that connects, compels and sells. Her mission is to help business-owners and entrepreneurs boost their bottom lines by injecting heart and soul into their online and offline communications. She’s a message-maker, a business translator, a boomer blogger and a champion of the word less travelled.


Desolie Page – Editor, Perfect Pages

Desolie Page copywriter

Desolie is a former primary school teacher, who now runs Perfect Pages editing, proofreading & training. She gives business and technical writers confidence that their writing is clear, engaging and sharp. In 2008, Desolie became one of the first editors to achieve accreditation by the Institute of Professional Editors (Australia), and in early 2013, she was invited to become the Queensland delegate to IPEd’s Accreditation Board.


Can you stump us with a grammar problem!

Now that you know a little about the community’s grammar geeks, hit us up. See if you can stump us!

Grammar Advice Google+ community logo

Grammar Advice – An open community for free grammar advice. Post your grammar or punctuation here, and our Grammar Geeks will tell you how to fix it.


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