A writing blog I love to read (and that’s a rare thing)

February 18, 2010 •

I don’t read many writing blogs. When you write for a living, a writing blog has to be pretty good to keep you reading. But there’s one writing blog I’ve very quickly come to like. So much so, that I actually look forward to its daily posts (ruly-truly). In fact, I even went to the extent of digging through my Delicious bookmarks to find that site that email-subscribes you to blogs that don’t have an email subscription facility. (That site is called FeedMyInbox, btw. Great tool!)

The writing blog? ‘One man and his blog’ by copywriter and (reluctant) editor, Bill Harper.

It’s so nice to see someone (a man, no less) bare his soul in his writing. Refreshing. What’s more, he’s also funny. And he writes VERY well. Love it!

You should check it out: http://billharper.com.au/.

That’s all!

PS. Bill, get @paulcunningham to hook you up with an email subscribe for dinosaurs like me who don’t like Really Silly Syndication!

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