Should I outsource my copywriting or do it all in-house?

May 26, 2023 •

When crafting creative and influential content, businesses often face a common dilemma: should you entrust your needs to a specialised copywriting agency, build an in-house copywriting team, or do it all yourself? Heads up, it’s definitely not the latter!

In this post, I delve into the advantages and considerations of the first two approaches I mentioned, empowering you to make a well-informed decision about your copywriting strategy.

Costs and scalability

Outsourcing to a specialised copywriting agency is often cost-effective, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. Engaging with an agency eliminates the overhead costs of hiring and training in-house copywriters. Additionally, agencies provide unparalleled flexibility in terms of scalability, enabling you to adapt your copywriting resources to suit your specific needs.

Expertise and industry knowledge

Copywriting agencies bring a treasure trove of expertise and industry knowledge to the table. By collaborating with an agency, you gain access to a diverse array of highly skilled copywriters, well-versed in crafting compelling content across various industries and niches. This expertise guarantees that the content is informative, exciting, and strikes a chord with your intended audience.

Fresh perspectives and creativity

Hiring a copywriting agency can provide a breath of fresh air to your brand’s messaging, as external copywriters bring a new pair of eyes. This fresh perspective allows them to approach your brand’s story and messaging from a different angle, often igniting creativity and leading to imaginative and innovative content that stands out.

Time-saving and efficiency

When businesses outsource their needs to a copywriting agency, they save significant time and effort. Agencies operate with finely-tuned processes and dedicated teams, ensuring efficient project management that leaves businesses free to focus on their core competencies. By entrusting your copywriting tasks to seasoned professionals who deliver top-notch content within designated timelines, you’ll experience greater quality and efficiency.

Brand consistency

On the other hand, when businesses opt to construct an in-house copywriting team, they gain greater control over the process of content creation. In-house copywriters can collaborate closely with your marketing and branding teams, immersing themselves in your brand’s vision, values, and distinctive tone of voice. This level of control becomes the cornerstone of brand consistency across all marketing communications, allowing faster turnarounds and revisions whenever needed.

Company culture

An in-house copywriting team can closely collaborate with other departments within the organisation. In-house copywriters can also fully immerse themselves in the vibrant company culture, directly engage with company experts, and develop a deeper understanding of the brand’s distinctive selling points. This integration enables a harmonious blend of copy that aligns with the organisation’s overarching marketing and business strategies.


Deciding between outsourcing to a copywriting agency or establishing an in-house copywriting team is an important choice, with each approach presenting distinct advantages. Ultimately, the decision must conform to your needs, resources, and business strategy. Considerations such as budget, timeline, industry requisites, and the desired level of control play a pivotal role in your choice.


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Charmaine wrote on May 30th, 2023

This has been so helpful. In considering starting up a small business I've been trying to navigate some of these murky areas, and you raised points to questions I didn't know I had.

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Krissy Davis wrote on May 31st, 2023

Thanks Charmaine. There are quite a few points people tend to overlook when deciding on a copywriting strategy, so I'm Happy to have helped! :)

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