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September 4, 2013 •
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Well it’s been a long while coming, but I’ve finally launched a new website for Divine Write. Some highlights…

Case studies

I’ve always found it hard to show my website visitors the full scope of what I do. It’s a lot more than just stringing a nice sentence together. So I’ve introduced case studies to discusses some of my more interesting projects.

Copywriting Case Studies

Updated portfolio

It’s updated and beautiful! Check it out…

Updated Copywriting Portfolio

More focus on design

I’ve been working with my designer, Ian Butler, for more than 10 years. Because so many of my clients ask me if I offer design too, I decided to make design a big part of the site.

Increased Design focus

Design portfolio

Check out some of Ian’s work – websites, apps, logos and print work.

Design potfolio

Responsive for mobile

Visit the site on your mobile, or just resize your desktop browser, and see how the site adapts dynamically.

Responsive for mobile

Ebooks – Updated and prices slashed

I’ve updated both my solo ebooks, and also dropped their prices a LOT:


Parallax scrolling

The home page uses parallax scrolling – different parts move at different speeds when you scroll down the page. This gives it a greater sense of depth. (Set to work at screen resolution of 1522 pixels wide and above.)

Parallax scrolling

Contact me for a quote

If you’d like a quote on some copy or design, please call me in Sydney Australia on (02) 9121 6211 or email me for a quote.

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