Mothers Day Special 2010: My ebooks now just $10 each. (Buy both for $20 instead of $119!)

May 5, 2010 •

I’ll keep this short ‘n sweet. In honor of all the hard work the mums of the world are putting in, I’m running a Mothers Day Special on my ebooks. (It may be a bit like buying a lawnmower for your wife’s birthday present, but there you have it!)

SEO Secrets — USD $79.95 $10

Use discount code “mumseosecrets” after you click Add to Cart.

‘SEO Secrets’ is a 212 page, comprehensive DIY search engine optimization (SEO) guide for small business owners, bloggers and SMB marketers. It details a practical 10-step process that will get you to the top of Google. It’s more than tips & tricks, and more than advice. It’s a comprehensive process you can start implementing NOW. Learn more about SEO Secrets…

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SEO Secrets cover

Practical SEO Copywriting — USD $39.97 $10

Use discount code “mumseocopy” after you click Add to Cart.

‘Practical SEO Copywriting’ is pretty much the sum-total of what I know about SEO copy. Not just the theory, but the practice. How to do it right. How to handle the difficulties. And most importantly, how to balance the needs of Google against the needs of your human readers. Learn more about Practical SEO Copywriting…

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Cover of SEO Copywriting ebook

If you’re buying both ebooks (pay $20 instead of $119)

Here’s how to use both discount codes:

  1. Click Add to Cart for the first book
  2. Enter its discount code
  3. Click Update Cart
  4. Switch back to this page
  5. Click Add to Cart for the second book
  6. Enter its discount code
  7. Click Update Cart

Your total will be USD $20.

Oh, and if you actually give it to mum, you might get your money back…

Let’s make this a little fun. I’ll give you your money back if you:

  1. Film yourself giving the book to mum, explaining what it is, and explaining why you’re giving it to her.
  2. Then you post that footage on your blog. (And I certainly wouldn’t say no to a link back to my site!!!)
  3. And let me know about it!

Enjoy. And say “Happy Mothers Day” to your mum for me!

UPDATE: See the vids

Here’s a blog post containing the vids of some very ‘lucky’ mums getting an SEO ebook for Mothers Day…

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Things that were delicious this week… 7 May, 2010 wrote on May 7th, 2010

[...] unique Mother’s Day special over at his blog… get both of his ebooks for $10 each! And, if you film yourself actually giving them to your mother, you get them for free… gratis… nada! Glenn’s a dude that knows what he’s talking about, so [...]

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Matthew MacIntosh wrote on May 17th, 2010

Alright, Glenn... here you have it! Looks like I'm cut out of the will for good this time, but hey, I saved $20! Here's a link to the blog (which contains the link to the video):

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Mothers Day Special fallout – Watch some very surprised mums get an SEO ebook for Mothers Day! wrote on May 17th, 2010

[...] my Mothers Day ebook special? Where I reduced my ebooks to $10 each? And where I said anyone who actually gave the ebooks to [...]

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