Kate Toon & Belinda Weaver asked what my copywriting fetish is. Bet you can’t guess the answer…

July 9, 2015 •
Hot Copy copywriting fetish interview

What’s my copywriting fetish? Who asks that sort of question?! Well, Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver, that’s who. It was one of many interesting questions they asked me in an interview for their brand new Hot Copy podcast, which covered:

  • How I got started as a copywriter
  • My possibly controversial thoughts on leading copywriters
  • Some excellent books I’ve never finished (but still recommend)
  • One of my biggest business mistakes
  • The surprising emotions I experience when I start a new copywriting job
  • Some expert homepage copywriting tips
  • The aforementioned copywriting fetish and perversions
  • My super-duper no.1 tip for new copywriters
  • And an embarrassing outtake at the end, which was completely their fault!

Go listen to the podcast now…

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