Divine Write partnering with GetUp

May 31, 2007 •

I’m proud to announce that Divine Write is partnering with GetUp (Australia’s leading political activism website) in its ‘Oz in 30 Seconds’ competition.

The ‘Oz in 30 Seconds’ competition

GetUp is inviting every-day Australians to produce an ad that shows their vision of Australia. The Top 10 ads – as judged by the Australian public – will go before a celebrity judging panel that includes ABC-TV movie reviewer Margaret Pomeranz, and the advertising industry’s “Director of the Year” Bruce Hunt, who was second-unit director of The Matrix.

The winning ad will air on national prime time television during the lead up to the federal election.

Critique some ad scripts

To help out, Divine Write is inviting entrants to have their ad script critiqued by professional copywriters in the Divine Write Critique my Copy forum, prior to entry in the competition.

So if you’re a professional copywriter in Australia, and you’re interested in helping regular Australians ‘reclaim the airwaves’ and Australia’s political future, please visit the Critique my Copy forum and offer constructive criticism on the scripts that will be posted there in the coming days and weeks. You might even want to add it to your Favourites and come back regularly.

Maybe enter the competition?

I’d also encourage you to take a shot at the competition yourself. It’s incredibly easy to put together a 30 second ad, and the Ozin30 forums offers the chance team up with a producer and create something that will resonate with all Australians. Something that makes a statement and maybe even makes a difference…

Let’s see what we can do.

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