This copywriting jumps out and grabs you by the nose!

April 4, 2013 •
This copywriting grabs you by the nose

Yesterday I moaned about people being too scared to say something. Today, before I’d even had a chance to change into my good tracksuit pants, I saw three examples of people who weren’t.

Example 1 – Engaging copywriting

The first comes from the glamorous and genuine Lisa Davis. (She’s an SEO developer for Lined Media, but don’t hold it against her!) Four Square impressed her…

Four Square pays for its copywriting

Example 2 – Funny writing

The second comes from the equally glamorous and genuine Derek Jenkins. He guffawed over something from Google…

Google copywriting

Example 3 – More funny writing

The final example comes from my mate, Greg Colby. Something he saw on Facebook from a Harley dealership:


They ARE saying something

Yes, I know these companies aren’t making some profound point. But they ARE making a point. About themselves. They’re saying, “We’re human, like you, and we’re not afraid to show it.”

Plus they’ve shown some kahunas. Humor is always a risk. It’s bloody hard, too, so they’re obviously paying someone with some creativity. And we all love seeing that. 😉

Anyway, that’s all. Be thankful you’ve been spared a rant today!

Seen any examples lately?

Oh, before I go, comment below if you’ve seen some good examples recently.

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Filip wrote on April 5th, 2013

Nice collection. Harley-Davidson case shows exactly what copywriting should be about

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