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December 13, 2006 •

Yesterday I was asked for advice by an aspiring copywriter. This happens all the time, but on this particular occasion, I think I actually helped a little! So I thought I’d post the original question and my response in the hopes that it might help someone else…

The question:

I am looking at returning to study, specifically with the aim of gaining work as a Copywriter within the advertising industry. Which of the courses available in Melbourne would you recommend as being the most recognised and/or rewarding? The Creative Director at the agency I was freelancing for recommended ‘Award School”. Do you have any thoughts or feelings on that option?

My response:

Thanks for your email. To be honest, I don’t know much about copywriting courses. I’ve never done one and I don’t pay much attention to the educational background of my freelancers. What I’m interested in is proven copywriting ability. I think this is the case for most people in my position (i.e. writers who outsource a bit of work) take this sort of approach. I suspect qualifications help if you’re trying to get work from non-writers, ‘cos they can’t always tell how good you are just by looking at your work.

Having said all of that I’ve heard of Award School, so at least that says that it’s fairly well known. (If I’ve heard of it, it must be!!!). You might also consider the copywriting course offered by Magneto. Or the Damn Fine Words copywriting course by Men With Pens. I know the people who run these courses, and they really know their onions.

Hope this helps.

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