2 user manuals to support a jobseeker portal and an advertiser portal

The client

CareerOne was one of Australia’s ‘big three’ job search portals. They offered an unrivalled collection of career advice, job hunting tips, company profiles and job listings to empower people to progress in their career.

What they needed

In 2006, when CareerOne was rebuilding their portal, they commissioned me to write some associated user documentation. They needed a user manual to help advertisers post job ads, and one to help job seekers make full use of the site to find their next job.

What we did

Over the 2006 Christmas period, on a very tight deadline, we wrote two user manuals (totalling 136 pages, and approx 16,000 words). One manual for job seekers and one for advertisers. Both were task-oriented, and both were supplied fully formatted and indexed. This included planning the user tasks to be covered. Our only resources were a couple of functional specs, a short brief, and the phone numbers of subject matter experts (who were mostly on Christmas break).

What the client thought

We found the documents very thorough and comprehensive and were extremely impressed with the work. Thanks to Glen for a job well done!

Vanessa Dix Picture Vanessa Dix

Senior Producer, careerone.com.au

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